MAYBE you fokes ain't as Backwoodsy as I am, but when I come out to Hollywood and got to be a Actor, I found out thet fokes in the Show Business talks a heap differnt than we do down at Pine Ridge, so I am writin' this page as a sorta Dickshunary, so's if any of you happens to come out here, it won't take you a month to find out what the other fokes is talkin' about, like it did me...Fer incidence...

Apron: The front part of the stage where the footlights is at.
Annie Oakleys:   Passes to git into the theayters free.
Bunch Light: A spot light on the side of the stage.
Center Door Fancy: Big Archway in the middle of a stage settings.
Drop: A curtain that goes up and down.
Exit: When a actor walks off the stage.
Flats:   Pieces of scenery.
Foots: Footlights.
Flies: A place way up over the stage where the scenerey hangs from.
Gags: Jokes.
Grips: Stagehands who move the scenery around.
Heavy: A actor who plays the part of the villain.
High Perch Act: Acrobats who work on a trapeze.
Ingenue:  A actress who plays the part of the heroine.
Juvenille: A young actor.
Kill'em:  Make the audience laugh.

Kleig Eyes: Sore eyes that the actors git from the strong lights.
Location:  A place away from the studio where they make movin' pitchers.
Mugging:   Making funny faces.
Nut:   Expenses of running the theayter.
Nifty Patter:  A lot of jokes and funny sayin's.
Overheads:  Lights over the stage.
Props:  The furniture, lamps, or anything on the stage except the scenery.
Plug: A good writeup in the newspaper about a actor.
Roll Em:  Start the cameras goin', to take pictures.
Single: A man who entertains all by hisself.
Still: A photograph of a scene in a movin' pitcher.
Shelf:  The balcony of a theayter.
Trailer:  A few scenes of a movie to advertise it.
Toby:  A funny feller in a playe, who wears a red wig.
Three sheet:  To show off.
Upstage:  The part of the stage that's away from the audience.
Vaude:  Vaudeville acts.
Wings:  The side of the stage where the actors come out of, to perform.
Wow:  A big hit, or a real funny joke.
X:  A mark in the actor's part, telling him to cross the stage.
Yes Man:  A feller who is hired by a producer to agree with everything he says.
Zany: A comedian, or a clown.