Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Barn dance nights

Fer Travelin' . . . Thanksgivin' time--to see the fokes

Fer Bizness . . . Days you work hardest

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Days you loaf most



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Tu Capricornus You will soon be the head of a big bizness--or else a big family--we don't know wich.
2 We Aquarius If you like ter travel you will, if you don't you won't.
3 Th Aquarius You air good at makin other fokes h appy, an' so ought ter be happy yoreself.
4 Fr Pisces You will undoubtedly make yore dreams come true, but you gotta work hard.
5 Sa Pisces Avoid gittin' conceited, just 'cause fokes all seem ter like you.
6 Su Pisces You kin save yore money better'n most fokes. Keep it up an you will be rich soon.
7 Mo Aries You air witty, but we air glad ter say yore wit ain't the sharp kind wich could hurt yore frends.
8 Tu Aries You air lucky if borned today--yore children will grow up ter be yore pride and joy.
9 We Aries You may have a lot of childrens one day--start savin' yore money now.
10 Th Aries Fokes borned today have quick minds fer makin decisions.
11 Fr Gemini You wear yore clothes well, an' allways look extry smart.
12 Sa Gemini You air a person of grate action and few wods. Yore work speaks fer itself.
13 Su Cancer You air ambishus an' hard workin, but doin't work so hard you overlook oppytunities.
14 Mo Cancer You do not make trouble fer yourself or other fokes, cause you are not suspicious or jealyous.
15 Tu Leo You have many wishes but only one will be granted.
16 We Leo The happiness you have bin seekin' is rite at hand. Look no further.
17 Th Virgo One day you will probly be mighty 'porant. Don't fergit that frends mean a lot more than riches.
18 Fr Virgo You air keerful 'bout hurtin' other fokes feelings, and are extry popular in con-sequence.
19 Sa Libra Everything points to a successful life fer you, if you overcome yore inferyority complex.
20 Su Libra You git too easily diskiriged. Remember that fokes borned today kin only be succsessful if they persevere.
21 Mo Libra You air extry generous with yore money. Be-ware lest certain mean fokes take ad-vantage of you.
22 Tu Scorpio You air too anxious to make a name fer yoreself. Remember that hit takes years an' years ter become famous.
23 We Scorpio Yore hankerin' fer adventure is hinderin' yore progress. Try an' settle down.
24 Th Sagittarius You must beware lest yore dislike of hurtin' other fokes hinder yore chances ter succseed.
25 Fr Sagittarius You should be thankful if borned today, an probly are, cause fokes borned today have lots ter be thankful fur.
26 Sa Sagittarius You have a lotta wishes, but will have ter fergit most of them. Only one will be granted.
27 Su Capricornus You air of a romantick turn of mind. Do not let yore e-motions hinder yore progress.
28 Mo Capricornus You must beware of letting yore love of nice things take away all yore hard earned money.
29 Tu Aquarius Yore air too soft-hearted fer yore own good. Some fokes take advantage of you.
30 We Aquarius There are difficulties ahead of you, but you will git ahead anyways.