Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Ice cream sociable nights

Fer Travelin' . . . When you don't hafta stay home

Fer Bizness . . . Hits too hot

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Ain't no prefyrence



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Mo Virgo Bein' borned first in August you air ahead of other August childrens. Keep yoreself ahead.
2 Tu Libra You like good-lookin' gals if you're a man, an good-lookin' men if you ain't.
3 We Libra Fokes borned today are dark compleckshunned. If you ain't, you should a bin borned tomorrow.
4 Th Scorpio Fokes borned today are blonds. If you ain't, you should a bin borned yestidday.
5 Fr Scorpio You have grate natural capybilities and re-sources on which ter build yore success.
6 Sa Sagittarius You air the lucky owner of a quick, active mind and you air not lazy bout usin' hit.
7 Su Sagittarius You air a clear thinker. Yore idys air unusual, but practicle and well thort out.
8 Mo Sagittarius You make frends easy. Fokes jest natcherly takes a likin' ter you.
9 Tu Capricornus You kin probly invent things wich will make you rich an' famous. But you ain't workin' hard enough now.
10 We Capricornus Fokes borned today kin laugh at breakin' mirrors. They're allways lucky anyways.
11 Th Capricornus Fokes air attackted ter you 'cause you never say unkind things about 'em.
12 Fr Aquarius Men-fokes borned today air extry strong, gals air extry purty.
13 Sa Aquarius You have a lotta charm and air attrakative to other fokes.
14 Su Pisces You have a tallent fer leadin' other fokes, but must beware usin' hit on yore frends.
15 Mo Pisces You have got the key to the door of success. Be keerful lest yore carelessness cause you ter lose hit.
16 Tu Pisces Yore road ter happiness is strate ahead. Avoid takin' them attrackative detours wich is always presentin' themselves.
17 We Aries You air kind an considerate to others, including fokes you don't care 'bout.
18 Th Aries You will wake up one mornin' soon and find yoreself a succsess. Congratylations.
19 Fr Aries Oppytunity is wearin' out her knuckles knockin' at yore door. Turn the latch an' let 'er in.
20 Sa Aries Fokes borned today have a choice between fame and riches an' a quiet life at home. Choose early.
21 Su Gemini Wild oats ain't worth much. Fokes borned today have too much ability ter waste time sowin' 'em.
22 Mo Gemini Fokes borned today should try an make frends with other fokes borned today.
23 Tu Cancer When you have a job ter do, you air never happy till you have done hit.
24 We Cancer You ain't afraid of danger 'cause your natcheral common sense tells you when ter draw back.
25 Th Leo You air a bleever in fair play an in givin' the other person a equal chance.
26 Fr Leo You air extry smart. You will probly be a grate trader, if you ain't thet alreddy.
27 Sa Virgo Fokes like a square shooter, an that's what you air if borned today.
28 Su Virgo You air a hard worker--you will probly make yore dreams come true.
29 Mo Libra You will git a lot more out of life than most fokes 'cause you have put a lot more in hit.
30 Tu Libra Fokes borned today kin laugh at back luck. An' that's the way ter succseed.
31 We Libra You air borned ter be a leader. Do right--lead fokes ter where they wanna go.