ONE DAY we went out to one of the studios to watch 'em makin' a movie. We was told that they was "shootin'" on stage sixteen and we thought at first they was takin' one of them cowboy pitchers, but we found out that when they say "shootin'," they don't mean with guns--that's when the camera it takin' the pitcher. Anyway, there was a lot of perducers and directors standin' around shoutin', and the actors was doin' the same thing and sayin' the same words over and over agin. Lum said it sure wouldn't take him that long to memorize his speeches. Finally he walked up to the leadin' man that was makin' love to the girl, and told him he knowed about a good book that gave you lessons in expressions. The leadin' man took his advice in a good spirit and ast him how he thought a love scene should be played with the proper expressions and all.

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