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These modules for the free e-Sword Bible software are free for you to download and use as you can.

The free e-Sword Bible software was created by Rick Meyers and can be downloaded at:


Note Modules

Gann Commentary  

Updated:  April 25,  2024

This commentary has been created from my  e-Sword notes which are from my Wide-Margin Bible and are the results of  50+ years of preaching .  

It contains verse by verse commentary on 

Acts  through Revelation.

To aid you in installing these modules if you are unfamiliar where to locate the downloaded files you may want to install this Module Installer program.  There is a zip version, and an "EXE" (executable) version. ModuleInstallerSetup06.zip   and  ModuleInstallerSetup06.exe

Commentary Modules

Topic Modules

Acapella Music in NT Worship A look at the Biblical and historical practice of using instruments in Christian worship.
Capital Punishment A look at capital punishment both from the Old Testament stand point and from the teachings found in the New Testament.
Chronology of the New Testament Period Provides a time line of events of both Biblical and historical significance.
Church of Christ This is a topical study on the identity, organization, and worship of the church described in the New Testament as found in detailed linked scriptures.
Gogdill, Roy E. - The Church of the New Testament

        (la iglesia del Nuevo Testamento)

A study of the description of the church in the New Testament.
Fundamental Bible Studies This focus is on fundamental topics such as God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, etc., in 25 chapters. Handout lessons sheets are also available in PDF format.

 (We have used this e-Sword module in a college age class room setting teaching how to use e-Sword to do one's personal research into the Holy Scriptures.

Why I'm A Member of the Church of  Christ,

Windell Gann - 

From a presentation by Windell Gann

A four-lesson study based on the book of Hebrews


Holy Spirit Notes David Patterson - 2021 - Rogersville Church of Christ


Holland, Dr. Thomas - Manuscript Evidence Class Dr. Thomas Holland


Mark A Copeland - A Closer Walk With God Mark Copeland


Mark A Copeland - Conversions in the Book of Acts Mark Copeland


Neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jew Batsell Barrett Baxter


Revelation Notes - WG    PDF This is a PDF file of the Verse-by-verse notes on Revelation created by the e-Sword program.   These fully documented notes are about 288 pages and good for studying the "Early Date" interpretation of Revelation.
Romans -  Commentary by Moses E. Lard This is the Commentary by Moses E. Lard

Letter to Romans

Scholarship of the KJV There are many good features about the King James Version of which the average reader is not aware. This e-Sword topic note points out a number of these scholarly features.
Sermons - Windell Gann A selection of sermons preached by W. Gann


Gann Topic Studies This e-Sword topic format note deals with a variety of subjects interesting to the Christian, such as "Capital Punishment", "Homosexuality", "Authority of the Scriptures" and several more. All with detailed scriptural links that are quick and easy to read in e-Sword.
Walking Thru the Bible - Gann These are introductions to the books of the Bible and sometimes along with a sermon outline from that book. This is the same material as that found on my web site "Walking Through The Bible"

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