e-Sword Modules for the Mac and  iPad  

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These modules are for the Mac (e-Sword-x) and iPad e-Sword app.

 How to use these module(s) on the Mac

STEP #1 You will need to have e-Sword-x running on your Mac.  You can download this app from  www.e-Sword.net OR the Apple App Store.    Only Mac models running at least OS X 10.11 El Capitan which is available for all generations of Mac built from 2008/2009, can run the Mac version of e-Sword.

STEP #2 Download the module(s) from the Apple Mac / iPad page where these modules have already been converted from PC to Apple use.

STEP #3 . The final step is to move the new module(s) onto your Mac. Select "Import" under the e-Sword X "File" menu item to do so.

STEP #4 Restart. To load the new module(s) you will need to restart e-Sword X if it is already running.


Gann Commentary for the Mac and  iPad e-Sword App.

Recently Updated August 24, 2023

Reference Modules for the  Mac and  iPad e-Sword App

Acapella Music in NT Worship A look at the Biblical and historical practice of using instruments in Christian worship.
Capital Punishment A look at capital punishment both from the Old Testament stand point and from the teachings found in the New Testament.
Chronology of the New Testament Period Provides a time line of events of both Biblical and historical significance.
Revelation Notes  - WG

This module on "The Book of Revelation" provides some of the abundant evidence for the "early date" of Revelation and notes and outline of the book.  (Much of this material is also freely available in PowerPoint hyper-linked presentations from wgann@hiwaay.net if you wish to request it.)

Holy Spirit Notes 


David Patterson

Letter to Romans - by Moses E. Lard Moses E. Lard's  Commentary -- entitled

Letter to Romans

Josephus - Outline to Josephus' "Wars" Gann's outline of Josephus' Wars  coverted to the iPad format.


Sermons - Windell Gann A selection of sermons preached by W. Gann


Topical References - Gann This e-Sword topic format note deals with a variety of subjects interesting to the Christian, such as "Capital Punishment", "Homosexuality", "Authority of the Scriptures" and several more. All with detailed scriptural links that are quick and easy to read in e-Sword.
Walking Thru the Bible - Gann These are introductions to the books of the Bible and sometimes along with a sermon outline from that book. This is the same material as that found on my web site "Walking Through The Bible"

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