Getting the Word Out

Another thing that was helpful in promoting the class was the creation of a small flier detailing the specifics. This can be very simple to do and it is nice to have when you are trying to explain to people how a secular sitcom is going to be the theme for your new Bible class. Paul Harvey recently had an excellent monologue entitled "Finding the Way Back to Mayberry", which very eloquently described how over time the entertainment industry has moved away from the basic values we hold so dear. I included part of this work along with the selected episodes, times, and dates in the flier.

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Another challenge I took upon myself as part of this class was to maintain a website. I do have a technical degree, but I had never seriously experimented with the creation of a web page. However, this became an activity that I have really enjoyed. Basically, I jumped in head first with my PC, a cheap scanner, and a copy of a popular web construction tool and three hours later I had what has come to be my personal Andy Griffith web page. This has been a real blessing to me as my page has been visited by many Mayberry fans across the country who have written to me with very encouraging comments about our class. I also posted the outline each week so people, whether local or long distance, could keep up with the progress of our class. The response has been incredible and I have saved EVERY message I have received!


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