Why the Show Makes Sense for a Bible Class

Obviously it is my opinion that The Andy Griffith Show was a very special series, but is it really suitable to be the theme for an inspirational study? Although there are few direct references to the Bible, I believe the show is filled with the basic morals and principles taught by the Scriptures. Each show tended to have a good moral theme that was brought out by the story line. Basic values such as character, personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity were routinely exemplified by the show. I believe these characteristics to be uncommon for most television shows past or present. When George Lindsay, who played Goober in the series, was asked about the idea of using the series for such a class, he replied, "One of the incredible things about every single episode is that Andy insisted each show have a moral point, something good, lofty and moral. It’s a shame current shows on TV don’t adopt that high road."

If you are familiar with the series, it is not hard to think of an episode that portrayed a specific moral value. For example, Andy on Trial shows us the value of friendship and how easy it is to put our friendships at risk when we are concerned with exalting ourselves. The episode Opie the Birdman shows us the importance of taking responsibility for our actions, and how just saying "I’m sorry" doesn’t automatically fix everything. Mr. McBeevee gives us a very pointed lesson about trusting in one another and having faith, even when the evidence suggests otherwise. These examples and many more can be found throughout the series. In this day in age, it is refreshing to see these basic ideals brought forth in such a practical way.

Other reasons this show makes sense for a class is its familiarity and timelessness. Almost everybody has seen The Andy Griffith Show at one time or another, and most have a favorite character or scene. When you mention the idea of doing an inspirational class based on the show, most people immediately become curious. The more you explain the format, the more they begin to see the point. Before you know it, they are coming to the class and bringing their friends. The show becomes a source of common ground to attract people from all religious backgrounds and walks of life. Basically, it offers a casual, non threatening atmosphere for people to get together, have fun, and think about how we handle certain situations in life.


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Why the Show Makes Sense for a Bible Class

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