Macy was found abandoned in the country August 2004. She was sick and fragile, so skinny you could feel her individual ribs, with a distended stomach, fleas, ear mites, worms, an eye infection, and a persistent sneeze

Here, one week later, she still didn't have much energy.

Macy week one
        Even sick and undernourished her character showed through, playful and friendly, though she tired easily. Macy lying next to leaf
        Two months later, Macy loved to run and fetch. She found several small toys from unknown places. Macy appreciating art
        At six months Macy was outgoing and energetic, fully recovered from her rough start. Macy watching me at the computer
        Now five years old Macy enjoys running and hunting voles and lizards which she sometimes brings inside, still alive... also two snakes! Macy napping in the sun