Advantages of clear lenses

        Most cyclists wear sunglasses for protection from the sun and dust, and the occasional rock or Kamikaze bug. I wear contacts so sunglasses are especially important to prevent drying and reduce the chance of getting debris in my eyes. Over the years I've decided clear lenses are best for cycling. Mark racing wearing clear lenses
        Some advantages of clear lenses
  1. Improved vision into shadowed areas
  2. If it gets dark you can still see
  3. People are friendlier when they can see your eyes
  4. Vision isn't as impaired when dirty
  5. Eyes don't dilate as much so vision is sharper
  6.   also reducing UV damage (assuming UV lenses)
  7. Clearer vision if it rains
  8. No need to remove them when going inside
  9. Bright light stimulates the brain
Road in France (shadowed)
        and a few drawbacks
  1. Riding into the sun impairs vision
  2. Competitors can see your eyes to judge your condition
  3. Not as "cool"
Road in France (shadowed)