DiMarke™ HID Tail Light

        Many cyclists run bright LED tail lights during daylight hours to catch the attention of drivers. With motorists increasingly distracted by electronic gadgets, and in the spirit of our super-size culture where you can never have too much of a good thing, I decided there was a market for a far brighter tail light.

Thus was born the DiMarke™ HID tail light. Designed using proven automotive headlight technology the DiMarke's lamp is powered by a heavy duty lead-acid battery and can produce painfully bright levels of rider protection. Even legally blind drivers (all too common on our roads today) will be hard pressed to miss the eye-searing 2,800 lumens this baby puts out!

Comparison between DiNotte and DiMarke
        In addition to an order of magnitude increase in brightness, the DiMarke's electronics have been optimized to take advantage of the latest research in blink frequency annoyance technology. Simply put, the light flashes at a frequency that demands instant and constant attention.

Warning: DiMarke™ tail light may induce seizures.

Road glare
        Results from our initial field tests have been overwhelmingly positive. One rider noted that motorists often slowed to comment on the incredibly bright tail light:
"It never fails to get a reaction, which of course means they see me and won't run over me. In fact I sometimes hear screeching brakes when drivers react to the DiMarke™ too quickly, and one driver actually ran off the road to avoid me!"
Now that's the kind of respect cyclists deserve!
Comparison between DiNotte and DiMarke in tunnel
        DiMarke™ advantages over other systems:
  • Tinted cells included to customize your light's color (orange for Halloween, etc.)
  • Replacement lamps and batteries available at most auto parts stores
  • Fewer wheel suckers (unless they're wearing DiMarke's patented Eclipse™ sunglasses)
  • System weight acts as a training aid
  • Battery can be used to jump start most cars
        Response has been incredible and we're shipping DiMarke's as fast as we can assemble them, so reserve yours now!

Note: Due to the size and weight of the DiMarke™ tail light a rear rack is required for mounting. For a limited time we're including a free rack with every order!

Keep an eye on this space for new product announcements, our research department is hard at work on a dual tail light system (you can never be too safe!) as well as an innovative Fabian™ mechanism which taps the DiMarke's battery to apply power to the bike's drive train.

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