To our English Terence Mr. Will: Shake-speare.

EPIG. 159.

SOME say good Will (which I, in sport, do sing)
    Had'st thou not plaid some Kingly parts in sport,
Thou hadst bin a companion for a King;
And, beene a King among the meaner sort.
Some others raile; but raile as they thinke fit,
Thou hast no rayling, but a raigning Wit:
    And honesty thou sow'st, which they do reape;
So, to increase their
Stocke which they do keepe.


To his most constant, though most vnknowne friend;

EPIG. 160.

YOU shall be seru'd; but not with numbers now;
    you shall be serud with nought; that's good for you.


To my neere-deere wel-knowne friend; Some-body.

EPIG. 161.

YOU looke that as myselfe I you should vse;
    I will, or else myselfe I should abuse;
And yet with rimes I but myselfe vndoo,
Yet am I some-body with much adoo.
(@ Davies 26)

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