Hot Lasers - Lens Test

Hot Lasers - Lens Test

Purpose of this image is to study the optics of a Bryce Lens.

This image is taken from the same setup as Lens Effect with the following differences:

  1. The sky is clear, and the spotlight from "Lens Effect" has been removed.
  2. Point Of View is now looking at the lens instead of through the lens.
  3. The lens has been modified slightly, so it's not the same exact lens.
  4. A mirror, placed behind the lens, allows a view through the lens.
  5. The Poser figure has a laser beam placed at each eye, one red, the other green, (effected by parallel spotlights, infinite light, no fall-off, and a gel).
  6. The laser beams are aimed directly through the lens.

The laser beam paths seem to have the following physical problems:

  • They don't reflect off the mirror. This is a surprising and serious error in the software, in my opinion.
  • The lens does not seem to bend the beam path, even if there is an effect internal to the lens
This seems to indicate that the lens is not acting as a focusing device, even though the mirror image of the lens shows that the scene itself is bent by the optics. I have verified that the problem is not related to the gel texture. Therefore, I suspect that ray tracing for refracted and reflected light beams is not working.
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