The Visual Video Game List

"One Last Time"

The Visual Video Game List was created in April of 1996 by Jack Alberts. Its purpose was to provide detailed video game information, coupled with pictures, into a dictionary-style format. While the VVGL itself was a failure, gathering info for only six entries and pictures for four entries, it appeared to be a popular site among the collecting community, being hit more than 2,500 times in its eight month run. Additionally, its format may be considered to have played a tiny role in the upcoming KLOV 2.0.

Thanks to the generosity of Lee Seitz, the VVGL is back online one last time. The directory-style format (too cumbersome for a mere six entries) has been removed to allow you easier access to the information contained within. Without further adieu, the VVGL!








I would like to thank Lee for his desire to have the VVGL online again. He sought me out and asked if he could put the VVGL up in his space. To say the least, I am honored.

However, I must apologize to a few people who donated some info and pix to the VVGL that was never used. To be sure, I *NEVER* received anything from anyone that didn't deserve to be proudly posted. Unfortunately, real life stepped in at an awkward moment. I had halted development on the VVGL in order to make some much-needed enhancements to the site. These enhancements included animations, music, and some Javascript tinkering. Some people sent me some items (you know who you are), and I promised them that their generous contributions would be added as soon as the enhancements were completed. Well, thanks to a not-too-small promotion at work that put me in charge of making some new NT servers work in a definitely heterogenous mainframe environment, my free time quickly dwindled to nothing. I remember sitting down one day, thoughts drifting to the VVGL, and realizing with a sinking feeling that my promised revision was four months behind. By the time I got around to taking a look at the source files, I found out, to my dismay, that my Unix box had been taken offline permanently. Many of YOU probably realized that the VVGL was offline before I did.

Anyway, my most humble apologies to those who contributed material that was never used. Please do not think too harshly of me. RL job is RL job, after all. Tell you what: next time you're down my way, I'll make it up to you by letting you play my Gorf machine all day. Heck, I'll even let you win. ;-)

A Word From Lee Seitz

I need to thank Jack for allowing me to archive the VVGL. He worked hard on it and I hated to see it disappear. Not only does it contain techinical information, but also detailed gameplay descriptions and nice photos of the artwork. I believe these will be sadly lacking in the next release of the Killer List of Video Games. I'm not at all belittling all the hard work that is going in to it, merely pointing out it's aimed almost totally at coin-op collectors.

I regret that I will be unable to do more than archive the VVGL. I simply do not have the time to add to or enhance it. If you find any errors, misspellings, bad links or such, please let me know and I will correct them. Beyond that, I am leaving the list in the form it was passed to me.

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