Ten Reasons a Video Game is Better Than a Woman

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Subject: Top Ten Reasons... (was Re: RGVAC Purity Test)
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 16:53:28 -0500
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Okay.  I posted a message with suggested questions for the purity
test.  Mowlwanman responded wondering whether a rare game or valuable
operator contact could count as a a "significant other" met at an 
auction.  I guess it could, but that'd be kinda sad, wouldn't it?
So anyway, that sent my mind spiralling in new, twisted directions,
and I came up with this list of...

Top Ten Reasons a Videogame is Better than a Woman
	Mark Schmidt (mschmidt@cas.org)

(10) A videogame always looks as good the morning after as it did the
night you took it home.

(9) A videogame doesn't care if you play with another videogame.

(8) With a videogame, almost anyone can score.

(7) If you get tired of a videogame, you can turn it into a different

(6) A videogame doesn't mind being shared with your friends.

(5) When a videogame whines, you know it's just the monitor.

(4) You can play a videogame every day of the month.

(3) You can get satisfaction from a videogame for just a quarter or two.

(2) It only takes a second to turn on a videogame.

(1) On a videogame, YOU choose the volume and difficulty.

10 Reasons a Video Game is Better Than a Man

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