Ten Reasons a Video Game is Better Than a Man

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Date: 12 Apr 1996 20:46:01 -0400
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Top Ten Reasons a Videogame is Better than a Wo^H^Hman
(10) A videogame will treat you the same no matter what you look like.
(9) A video game looks exactly the same years later as when you first took
it home - and it doesn't take up more room than it used to.
(8) A videogame will tell the world you scored (ok, so maybe they're the
same here)
(7) If you get tired of a videogame, you can turn it into a different
(6) A videogame doesn't ask to play with your friends
(5) When a video game doesn't come up, you can get out the soldering iron.
(4) They joystick on your videogame is always stiff
(3) You know where your videogame's buttons are, and you can push them all
you want.
(2) Your video game will play with you over and over again, all night long...
(1) On a videogame, YOU choose the number of lives


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10 Reasons a Video Game is Better Than a Woman

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