Stern's X-Men vs. Avengers Post

At the time I put this up, I'd recently reread the X-Men vs. Avengers limited series. The first three issues were written by Roger Stern, but in #4 his name was not to be found. Here's why.

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Subject: Stern says:  Rich is Wrong!  (was Rich's Rumblings: Late October)
Date: 1997/11/08
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Okay, since the previous posting seems to have disappeared into the
ozone, I'll try to recreate it.

It all began when Rich Johnston ( wrote ...

>Stern's Return
>Roger Stern's return to Marvel, after 10 years has an interesting
>history, and what better forum than a rumour column to spread
>such scurrilous information...

Not so scurrilous, really ... not even information.  More of a fantasy

>It's been reported that Stren left Marvel in a righftful huff after
>the recent editor-in-chief, Tom DeFalco rewrote the end of the
>X-Men vs Avengers four parter in 1987.

Totally incorrect.  
     1)  Tom was not yet editor in chief when X-Men vs Avengers was
     2)  Tom was tapped to script the last issue all by himself (I
never touched it), after a previously-agreed- to plot was changed by
editorial fiat.
     3) And, of course, I didn't leave in a huff.  I continued to work
at Marvel full-time ... until I was finally fired from the Avengers in
May of 1987.   

> The series, written as a sequel to X-Men 200's Trial Of
>Magneto ... (snip) ... was to end with Magneto's death. 

Again, incorrect!  The story was supposed to end with Magneto showing
himself for the bastard he really was.

> DeFalco's changing instructions led to Stern and artist Marc
>Silvestri (now Top Cow, but that's another story) leaving DeFalco
>and artist Keuth Pollard to write the concluding chapter.

Still incorrect.  After the plot was changed on me (-not- by Tom), I
decided the miniseries was too much grief to deal with any further. 
And Marc was yanked away from the miniseries to draw Uncanny X-Men,
which was in need of a penciler.

>Roger Stern has however, made a number of recent attempts to
>get back into Marvel. 

Actually, I've been connected with a number of projects for Marvel
over the past ten years.  Scripting Speedball and writing the Doctor
Strange/Doctor Doom graphic novel ... and an X-Men story which has yet
to see print ... among other things.  In each case, Marvel has
approached me.  (Very flattering, really.)

>The Power Corps  series became Heroes For Hire by John Ostrander.

Hey, how about that!  Rich actually got one right!

>Artists tipped include Pat Oliff, Ron Frenz and Gil Kane

I have no idea what this means.  ("Hey, Pat ...  Ron ...  Gil!  Nice
job!  Here's a tip!")  As far as I know, none of these three gentlemen
have been approached about contibuting to my new title, Marvel
Universe ... though they'd all be good choices for stories!

At any rate, I fail to see the point of this particular "Rich's
Rumbling" other than to confuse people needlessly.  Rich, if you want
to post a "history" of anything, you should get your facts straight

You know, check your sources and ask people questions.  We'll give you
a straight answer.  Really!

-- Roger Stern