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It seems to be a common story in comic book collectors around my age. I started off exclusively reading Marvel comics. It was rather innocent at first. I was a big fan of Star Wars, so I started collecting Marvel's Star Wars series. I was, of course, familiar with most of Marvel's superheroes, but they didn't interest me at the time. Then my best friend started reading Rom, so I did, too. Rom was set in Marvel's superhero universe. Suddenly a whole new world was opened up to me.

Full essay coming one day.

Latest Additions and Updates

26 Sep 2016: I added the plot for Iron Lantern #2 to the Usenet mini-archive.

25 Jul 2013: I found the details on the 2013 Comics Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge. I also updated the statistics on the Who's Who page, which hadn't been done since the 2008 match.

19 Jul 2011: Finally got around to finding details on the 2010 Comics Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge. You may hereby refer to me as "God help us – someone actually who is not involved in this keeps a web page up on this."

10 Apr 2009: Added Hulk #292 and Marvels: Eye of the Camera #4 to the Secret Wars crossovers page.

10 Jan 2009: I've added a page dedicated to the crossovers with Marvel's original Secret Wars maxi-series.

5 Aug 2008: Congratulations to the Black Ink Irregulars for tying up the Comics Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge, 6-6.

9 Oct 2007: Congratulations to the Black Ink Irregulars for narrowing the gap in this year's Comics Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge.

8 Feb 2006: Added the Girl Genius Toolbox, which currently contains the Book Title Generator and Jägerspeak Translator.

18 Nov 2005: I've started up my own New Universe web site: Nuke Me with the New!

22 Jul 2005: Comic-Con has come and gone again, so the the Black Ink Irregulars vs. the Purple Pros pages have been updated.

17 Aug 2004: Added a box of titles I'm currently buying. I used to buy much more, but money's tight these days. Eventually I'll add of list of titles I've bought in the past.

27 Jul 2004: Added some uncompleted pages dedicated to the annual San Diego Comic Con Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge featuring the Black Ink Irregulars vs. the Purple Pros.

26 Jun 2004: Added a map of Godzilla's Path through the Marvel Universe.