Proposals for the Return of Rom

(That Never Happened)

These are various proposals I am aware of for somehow bringing Rom back from comic book limbo in the Marvel Universe. No doubt there are more of which I am not aware. In the end, none of them happened. Below are brief outlines of each proposal. Click on the proposal numbers to see more details.

Proposal #1
The first proposal was actually not a proposal for a Rom series. It was the upcoming storyline for New Warriors vol. 1, written by Evan Skolnick. Had the series not been canceled with #75, this probably would have happened. Skolnick's proposal had the Warriors discover Galador, where Rom, Brandy, and their teenage daughter Passion lived. Rom and Brandy would then be either lost or killed and the orphaned Passion would join the team.
Proposal #2
This proposal to Mark Bernardo was made by Joe Edkin and Leonardo Manco. It supposedly had a more cyberpunk angle, although no details have been revealed. It was supposed to be commissioned, but not as a Rom project. Instead, Edkin and Manco were asked to base it on an entirely new character to avoid licensing fees. It's possible this reworked project might still see the light of day, but not necessarily from Marvel.
Proposal #3
This proposal was made to editor Mark Bernardo by Benny R. Powell and Jim Calafiore about the same time as #2. It had Rom and Brandy discover more Galadorians hiding underground. Somehow, they end up returning to Earth and become paranormal investigators (a la "The X-Files", but with a humorous touch).
Proposal #4
This proposal is by Brian Douglas Ahern. It dashes Rom and Brandy's happily ever after ending with the revelation they can't have children. It also features the return of Hybrid, Firefall, the Dire Wraiths, and Danny Jones (son of the original Torpedo) in the Torpedo armor. Rom gets Forge to regraft him to his armor to fight a whole group of Hybrids.