Mission Log: AF2.19/2

Atari Force #19, backup story
Jul 1985
Starring: Taz
7 pages

Story, Pencils, Coloring:Ed Hannigan
Inks:Bill Wray
Lettering:Bob Lappan
Editor:Andy Helfer

Taz and her mate are fighting the nasties from AF2.08. Taz's mate is killed in a strafing run. The pilot lands and both he and Taz are blown into a deep crevice by an explosion. They end up working together when attacked by a monstrous worm. Then they have to continue working together to get out of the crevice. Once at the top, the nasty wants to make peace, but Taz kills him to avenge her mate.


  1. This story takes place immediately before AF#8. Anyone wishing to translate all the dialog and sent it to me is welcome. I will include the translations here.

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