Mission Log: AF2.18/1

[Cover of Atari Force #18]
Atari Force #18, main story
Jun 1985
"Tempest Toss'd!"
16 pages

Cover:Paris Cullins & Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Mike Baron
Penciller:Eduardo Barreto
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Tempest escapes, but the multiverse is messed up so he doesn't end up where he wants. Meanwhile Scanner One is nearly out of food. Dart makes contact with Tempest and directs him to them. Martin is happy to see his son again. Later, Martin is convinced to let Blackjak try to get them through the destroyed universe back to the New Earth universe with his new eye. All the radiation nearly blinds him, and he demands the Tazlings give him back his old mechanical eye, which they do. Blackjak then makes the final jump home.



  1. Page 4: Professor Venture threatens to bring charges against Hunter for an illegal search. She has holos as proof. This is never followed up on.
  2. Page 8: "Giant ants"? Perhaps the same ones as from AF2.15/1?

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