Mission Log: AF2.15/1

[Cover of Atari Force #15]
Atari Force #15, main story
Mar 1985
16 pages

Cover: Ed Barreto & Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Mike Baron
Artist:Ed Barreto
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Bug-like beings chase Atari Force and Rident (Martin carries Kargg) back to Scanner One. One bug gets its pincer stuck in the hatch, but Dart finally manages to cut it off to secure the hatch. The bugs put some sort of paste on the thrust plates and back off, preventing Atari Force from lifting off. Meanwhile, Morphea probes Blackjak and discovers a "minuscule tumor" with "an alien personality lying dormant within." In sick bay, Taz escapes and hides in a storage locker. Back with the rest, they discover the aliens' acid doesn't work on Babe, so they send him out to clean the plates. Once he's out, the aliens swarm on him and he panics.


The original cover art for this issue is available in the Gallery.


  1. Page 8, panels 6 and 8: Where is the spot on Blackjak's glasses that his replacement eye attaches to?
  2. Lettercol: According to the answer to the final letter, there were some tales of the original Atari Force sitting on DC's shelves. They were never published. He also promised more Klaus Janson Babe stories and a work from Mindy Newell, neither of which ever materialized.

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