Mission Log: AF2.14/1

[Cover of Atari Force #14]
Atari Force #14, main story
Feb 1985
"Lost in the Multiverse"
16 pages

Cover: Ed Hannigan (designer), Ed Barreto (penciller), & Jose Garcia-Lopez (inker)
Writer:Mike Baron
Penciller:Ed Barreto
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Martin Champion is feeling sorry for himself, believing his universe has been destroyed. Atari Force has fled in Scanner One, but was caught in the tail of the explosion, sending them to an unknown location within the multiverse. Then Martin discovers a ripple running rampant through the multiverse that wasn't there before the bomb exploded. He believes it might alter the course of life, creating creatures never imagined, or even be a precursor to the collapse of the multiverse. Pakrat wanders off and discovers Taz beat up and tied to a piece of equipment, at which point Kargg attacks. Meanwhile, Taz escapes. Pakrat makes it to a shuttle and tries to call the bridge. The radio's out, but they notice him. Then Taz stumbles onto the bridge and Morphea discovers Kargg is on board. Pakrat launches the shuttle and Kargg grabs a ride. They land on a small, airless world and Pakrat has to run again. Rident suddenly appears and blows Kargg's arm off. Then Atari Force shows up and Rident tells them he's taking them in.


This is the first issue not to be labeled "Part <Issue Number>" by the story title.


  1. The "ripple" that Martin detects is not mentioned again. You think they'd mention the potential collapse of the multiverse again.
  2. What a coincidence that Pakrat and Rident would crash-land on the same world in the same universe. At least there's one good thing about a new writer: he wraps up some earlier threads. We last saw Rident in AF2.07 and he was last mentioned in AF2.11.
  3. Page 16: Rident must have been using more than a typical science fiction tractor beam for it to pull him through the multiverse.
  4. Lettercol: In the response to Joe Walker's letter, Andy Helfer calls it the Atari 26000 computer instead of the Atari 8000. The response to Dave Kapple's letter reveals Martin Champion has kept Scanner One stocked with dehydrated rations. The jibes with AF2.05 where Orion notes that Martin is probably responsible for Scanner One still having energy.
  5. Not as ironic as Intellivision, but now Activision is advertising on the back of Atari Force (AF#14-15).

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