Mission Log: AF2.11

[Cover of Atari Force #11]
Atari Force #11
Nov 1984
23 pages

Cover:Ed Hannigan & Dick Giordano
Writer:Gerry Conway
Artist:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Inker:Bob Smith
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

While Atari Force sleeps, Blackjak contacts the Dark Destroyer. The Destroyer can cause him great pain. Blackjak reprograms Scanner One's navigational computer so "all roads lead to the Dark Destroyer." Afterwards, we discover the Dark Destroyer has built a bomb capable of destroying a universe. Meanwhile, back on New Earth, Prof. Venture visits Tempest, who's kept on drugs to keep him from phasing away. After a chat with Hunter, Dr. Orion asks to talk to her. He relates Tempest's birth and Lydia Perez' death. Perez said, "he's killing me." Martin thought she meant Tempest, which is why Martin disowned him. Orion now realizes Lydia was talking about the Dark Destroyer. Meanwhile, Atari Force discovers someone's messed with the navigational computer. In order to fix the ship, Babe has to hold up the six ton drive while Martin works beneath it. Blackjak causes a power surge that burns Babe's hands, making him drop the drive and almost squash Martin. Taz sees Blackjak and gets blasted. Dart and Blackjak fight; Dart eventually wins. Then the Dark Destroyer reveals they are on their way to witness the destruction of the New Earth universe.


The original cover art for this issue is available in the Gallery.


  1. Page 7, panel 7: Someone must have reminded Gerry Conway about Rident, who hasn't been seen or mentioned since AF2.07.
  2. Page 11: Note the Dark Destroyer mask shape across the panels of this page.
  3. Lettercol: Throughout the third letter and its reply, Psyklops is misspelled as "Psyclops." Geez, what's an editor for if even he can't get it right? 8)

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