Mission Log: AF2.06

[Cover of Atari Force #6]
Atari Force #6
Jun 1984
"A Meeting with Life and Death"
23 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Story:Gerry Conway
Art:Ross Andru
Inks:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Letterer:Bob Lappan (He also did uncredited pencils and inks of Hukka.)
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

With Scanner One using sensor-shields (a type of cloaking device), Tempest does some reconnaissance. Unfortunately he phases into the crew quarters and has to beat a hasty retreat. Atari Force conceives a plan where Tempest will go in and gas the crew, then Dart and Pakrat will steal back the probe. However, the Dark Destroyer "wills" Tempest to show up somewhere other than the crew quarters where he beats Tempest to a pulp. Meanwhile, Dart and Pakrat escape into the vent system away from the very conscious crew. Dark Destroyer gives Tempest to Psyklops and then sends a message to Martin Champion that he holds both Tempest and Dart hostage.


This issue contains the corrections for the second set of Fact Files (from AF2.03).


  1. Page 23, panel 1: The writing on the wall says "Do not disturb," "Watch out for the beast," "Torture chamber," and ... "Zorturas"?

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