Mission Log: AF2.03

[Cover of Atari Force #3]
Atari Force #3
Mar 1984
"I Saw You Die"
20 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Gerry Conway
Penciller:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Dart has a vision of Blackjak dying. Pakrat encounters his brother, Rident, a police officer, at the customs satellite Caspiar. Dart and Blackjak buy a ship to go to New Earth in, but the Dark Destroyer sees that they get one with a broken drive. Babe arrives at ATARI headquarters and Morphea happens to encounter him during an incident with the captain who kidnapped him. She goes to see try to get Babe released from the captain's custody. Pakrat escapes his brother. Blackjak and Dart escape an attack by the Dark Destroyer, but their drive breaks down again. During an EVA repair attempt, the drive unexpectedly fires, sending Blackjak tumbling to the plasma bridge between binary stars, apparently killing him.


This issue contains "Fact Files" on Dart, Babe, and Morphea (see below). It also has the first batch of letters on Atari Force.

The original cover art for this issue is available in the Gallery.


  1. Dart's fact file lists her nationality as "Hindu-Irish-Chinese." Hindu is a religion, not a nationality. Obviously they meant Indian. Furthermore, I'm told Mohandas Singh's name would indicate he's Sikh, not Hindu. Thanks to Chris Cracknell for pointing this out.
  2. The heights and weights in the Fact Files are incorrect. Corrected information appears in AF2.06.
  3. According to her Fact File, Dart attacked a group of kids that taunted her about her illegitimacy (which her date of birth bears out) but in AF3/1, they're taunting her about her mutant genes.
  4. It's rather ironic that Atari Force would have ads for the Intellivision on the back (AF2.03-06, AF2.08-10). (The Intellivision was the Atari 2600's biggest rival at the time.) All right, so Atari does usually have ads on one of the inside covers; it's still ironic.

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