Mission Log: AF2.04

[Cover of Atari Force #4]
Atari Force #4
Apr 1984
24 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Gerry Conway
Penciller:Ross Andru
Inker:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Dart returns home to Tempest, her parents, and Hukka. Throughout this issue, we discover what has become of the original Atari Force. Morphea is having a session with Martin Champion when she is called away because the Kylos is departing. ATARI has allowed the captain to keep Babe to avoid trouble with the Merchant League, but Morphea convinces him to give Babe to her. Pakrat has arrived at ATARI HQ, but so has his brother, Rident, who finds him. Rident can't arrest Pakrat because Inter-Federation Customs doesn't have an extradition treaty with New Earth. Champion sends another multiverse probe out. It is captured by a huge ship. Champion believes he has given the Dark Destroyer the means to find New Earth and destroy it. He vows that he, and a new Atari Force, will stop the Dark Destroyer.


This issue has corrections for the first three Fact Files (from AF2.02).


  1. According to the interview in Comics Interview #12, this was originally planned to be the first issue. This might explain why a) Blackjak had to be killed, b) the original Atari Force (except Martin Champion) don't appear until this issue, and c) Morphea was drawn so ominously on page 8.
  2. The Dark Destroyer already knows where New Earth is, as evidenced by the fact he tried to capture Dart, but Champion doesn't know that.

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