Mission Log: AF2.02

[Cover of Atari Force #2]
Atari Force #2
Feb 1984
"Direct Encounter"
20 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Writer:Gerry Conway
Penciller:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Inker:Ricardo Villagran
Letterer:Bob Lappan
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

Dart and Blackjak have joined the rebels fighting against General Ki's regime. Melissa Jamieson, daughter of New Earth senator Jamieson, breaks up with Tempest at her father's behest. Morphea begins doing psychotherapy on Martin Champion. Babe and Pakrat continue their separate journeys to New Earth. Dart is attacked by the Warbeast, who was sent by the Dark Destroyer. With the help of Blackjak, she stuffs a grenade down his throat and kills him.


This issue contains "Fact Files" on Martin Champion, Pakrat, and Tempest (see below).


  1. Nothing but Chris and his special suit can survive his multi-dimensional fields, right (AF2.02:7.2)? Wrong. They changed it so that other objects can survive as long as they are in contact with him (AF2.06, AF2.09:lettercol). Notice, however, that this means his suit doesn't have to be special. Oops.
  2. The heights and weights in the Fact Files are incorrect. Corrected information appears in AF2.04.

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