Since I am one of the persons quoted as a contributor of some of the Kilpatrick info, I am wondering if you would feel insulted if I made a few corrections, some documented, some just "wonderings" for you to consider as just that -- theories and wonderings.  One thing I keep wondering about is the "W." as the middle initial of Joseph of Iredell.  I have done a working paper on him and unless I am having too many "senior moments" :) -- I don't ever recall seeing a W. as a middle initial for him.  Another thing is brothers of Joseph and Andrew -- Hugh of Rutherford (not Meck.) very possible, some relation for sure.  The only John C. Kilpatrick I ever heard of was the son of old Alexander down in SC, John Clarke Kilpatrick, and a later by the same name further down in that family.  There was a John in Rowan Co. but I never saw the initial "C."  As a matter of fact, he couldn't write.  The James Balis Kilpatrick comes, I think, from Gerre Byrd.  Someone either sent her some info or she misread the info in the book.  It was on court records in Rutherford Co.  From memory, it was giving a list of names either for jury duty or road work and somewhere along in the list it gave some persons name whose last name was Balis.  Afterwords, it gave a , (comma) and followed up with ______ Kilpatrick.  In other words, it gave within
the list as (can't remember first name for sure but believe it was James) - James Balis, _____Kilpatrick, and followed by other names.  Did I do that write so it is understandable?

I personally don't believe that Catherine Kerr or Elizabeth Metcalf were children of Joseph.  Believe they were sisters of Rev. Joseph Dickey Kilpatrick of Rowan Co, NC and that he, according to history had a father named Wm., which I believe was the Wm. who was probably the brother of Hugh where both bought land on Maple Cr. off the Broad River.  Historical records of the church and Rowan Co. say Wm. died very young and only had one child -- Joseph Dickey Kilp., but I think the girls were just always ignored.  Also the land that Joseph Dickey sold was the land on Maple Cr.

[One question about James W. Kilpatrick.  Bob Kilpatrick says now that he doesn't think that James W. Kilpatrick was Joseph's son.  What do think about it?  I figured that he was assumed to be be Joseph's son because Joseph lived adjacent to Andrew.]

I am just not sure who the father is of James W. Kilpatrick.  The fact that Euphemia married her cousin -- at first, that really turned me off because it just isn't done.  But Heard Baumeister and several other experienced genealogists have said that back then it was common and not frowned on.   However, there is sound evidence that Andrew and Joseph, Hugh of Rutherford and the Wm. that had lived next to him, and "a" James were related in some manner for sure.  So, James W. could be the son of any of the above and still be a cousin to Andrew's Euphemia!  Or, they could be second cousins.  For a long, long, time I really did not believe that James W. was the son of Joseph, but I am rethinking that now.  I did a working paper on Joseph of Iredell (which if you like I will mail to you, I have nothing on my puter to send) several years ago with info I had been poking around and gathering for a long time.  Now, Please, please, understand that it is a "WORKING PAPER".  Just what I put together with what I could get at the time, but not error-proof or written in stone.  I wouldn't want anyone to get that impression.  I don't want to steer anyone wrong because then they won't continue to investigate and find out all the things they could.  The reason I am beginning to rethink this is because James W.'s family seems to be having dealings with the McCords.  And I found out that the elusive sister Elizabeth that Ebeneezer mentioned actually existed and had married Allison McCord!!  Now, I am not sure of the exact relationship of these McCords and Allison and Elizabeth as yet.  Allison and Elizabeth moved up to Ind., Coles Co.  I know that they had a son Elihu Kilpatrick McCord (that is listed on the census index as just Elihu Kilpatrick) and a daughter named Narcissa.  Narcissa was named after a sister of Elizabeth.  So, I am kind of wondering if perhaps he was a son of Joseph, but just not sure.  Many think he was a son of James.  The only problem with that is that there are so many Jameses.  How can you sort them all out.  Alice Lambert did on several different charts, but I worked with her, Barbara Malkove and Heard Baumeister for years, and I personally don't think (at least for me that there was enough proof, or even enough circumstantial evidence, to convince me of the order although lots of people do.  I am not sure that James W. was the one who married Fannie Henson.  That James married Fannie Henson the same year that my Joseph married Martha Harrison -- 1789.  I just don't know for sure about that one but it could be a second or later wife of an older James.  Probably more work needs to be done on the Hensons.  I think the archives at Raleigh have a will or probate of Wm. Henson who I think is the one whose land was sold to James by the sheriff's sale.

My Joseph never named any of his sons Hugh, but he did name one James H. and one Lewis H.  I have no idea what the letter H. stood for as they both died very young. One in 1828 and the other I think from memory around 1831-33.  I have wondered if perhaps the H. was for Harrison in one son and Hugh in the other -- or Harrison in both or Hugh in both. I have seen where someone put Henry as a middle name for one of them but I"ve never ever heard or seen evidence of that myself.  Also, I noticed that I believe it was Andrew that was given a son named Henry.  Don't think so.  That comes I believe from pure speculation.  Ebeneezer, mentioned in an old letter to someone to say "hello" to friends in Manchester, Va.  Then, Joshua Soule, son of Joshua Wilkerson, in a letter to someone mentioned that his father had several first cousins up in Tn., one by the name of Driscoll (which Hugh's dau. Mary married a Driscoll).  Also, "we have relatives in Va.  My cousin HENRY waited on me (I assume was best man or something) at my wedding.  He was on his way back home to Va. and died in Al.  I believe it was of paralysis or something on that order without checking.  I kind of think Alice Lambert may have come up with that from something that she mentioned to me on the phone several years ago.  Alice doesn't do genealogy anymore.  She said that her mind just won't work that well anymore.  I believe Alice is in her eighties.  I didn't get a card from her this Christmas so I think I should call her.  Also, I notice you have Andrew's son Joseph N. down as Joseph Nichols.  Did you find evidence of this or did this perhaps come from one of my "wonderings" while writing to someone.  It does sound logical and I did find a Nichols Kirkpatrick up in Va. on one of the census indexes.  It is said that he hated slavery so bad that he moved to Ill. before it was a state and then on to Texas and died there.  Then I read where he went to Va. and on to Tx.  Have not found him in Tx. but that is a bad state to find anyone.  I am from there so I can say that. Ha!  I really would like to find out more about him.  Perhaps someone did find something that gave evidence there was a Joseph Henry.  If so, I would sure love to see it.

I do think that Hugh was probably older than most people think he was, and I think he may have been married twice.  But have no proof whatsoever.  Just simply a theory as of right now.  I have written a book almost so should close and answer my other mail.   I will get back to you soon as I have more time to go over this.  Glad you did not feel insulted.  That is the last thing I would want to do to anyone.  After all, we are all just feeling our way and trying our best, but none has walked on water yet that I know of.



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