James (Jim) Porter Kilpatrick
Born February 05, 1881
Died December 1959
Lattie Mae Cates Geer Kilpatrick, James (Jim) Porter Kilpatrick, and daughter Lattie Devonia
Made abt. 1939
Grandpa married my grandmother, Lattie Mae Cates Geer, sometime in 1927.  Grandmother's first husband, Dewey Geer, died in 1925 or 1926 from meningitis.  Lattie and daughters Irene, Jewel, Mildred, and Jimmie Lee moved down from White County, Tennessee (near Sparta) to Elora, Tennessee (Lincoln County) to be with her mother and father, George and Minnie Oliver Cates. I don't know what circumstances would lead to Jim and Lattie's meeting.  I can only guess that the Cates family may have lived near Grandpa's half sister, Hanna Frances Kilpatrick Stone.  Grandpa's great-niece, Mabel Stone, would later marry Grandmother's brother, Oliver Cates.  Jim's son, Andy, married Lattie's oldest daughter, Irene.
Grandpa and grandmother would live near Flintville, Lincoln County, Tennessee.  My mother Lattie Devonia Kilpatrick was born there in 1928.  In 1932, Jim and Lattie Mae Kilpatrick moved on Marc Cochran's farm on Mountain Fork Creek near New Market, Madison County, Alabama.  Irene Geer Kilpatrick would die of leukemia in October 23, 1936.  Andy would re-marry to Lena Jenkins in 1938.

Grandmother and Grandpa Kilpatrick moved back to Flintville in 1942 and lived there two years after which they moved back on Mountain Fork Creek.  In 1945 Grandmother and Grandpa Kilpatrick moved on a farm near Vann Town, Tennessee.  The farm was owned by Jewel Geer's husband, Edward Campbell, and Mother's half brother, Andy Kilpatrick.  Mother would graduate from New Market School in 1947.  She would marry my dad James Flavel Kilpatrick in 1948.

Andrew Washington Kilpatrick 
and Jim Kilpatrick
Made abt. 1942
Great-Grandma Minnie Cates would alternate living with Grandmother and Grandpa, and her sons Thomas and Lester, and granddaughter Minnie Lou during the latter half of the forties.

Lizzie Kilpatrick Knox, Jim Kilpatrick,
and Lattie Mae Cates Geer Kilpatrick
Made abt. 1958

Jim Kilpatrick and 
Minnie Oliver Cates

Great-Grandmother Minnie Cates was living with Grandmother and Grandpa right before Mother and Dad married in July of 1948, and she was living with them when Grandpa died of a stroke in December of 1959.  Grandpa Jim Kilpatrick is buried in the Kilpatrick Cemetery near Flintville, Tennessee along side his mother and father, his first wife, Florence, and my grandmother.

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