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It used to be "Jim Scarborough's Dull Page" since it tells all about me - but then a friend of mine pointed out that there wasn't a "West of HTML" page around, so I had to rectify the situation.  There is an "East of Java" page out there, and there was a movie called "Krakatoa East of Java," (in spite of the fact that Krakatoa was/is west of Java on most maps (before it blew up and split Java and Sumatra into two separate islands)), and another older movie called "East of Java," so I only thought it appropriate to have a page called "West of HTML!"  Here 'tis!

Interesting things here

How to print to PDF files on Windows. (I put this here so I wouldn't loose it.)

Biography of sorts

Yeah, I know how to write HTML (to some extent), I've had my fun with it, and I don't really have a whole lot to say here. I just figured I'd put a page up so that it didn't look like I didn't have anything if anyone just arbitrarily decided to take a look at my home page, particularly anyone who happened to be looking at the HPFSrem documentation - something a friend of mine put together to save himself a bit of trouble with removable drives and OS/2's High Performance File System (HPFS) - the page used to reside here.

I have a BS in computer science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, not to be confused with the University of Alabama. I'm working on a Masters in computer science at North Carolina State University. That and my full time job contracting for SAIC (they get a link when they hire me :-)) keep me pretty busy. I'm tickled to be a member of Genesis United Methodist Church, an amazing group of people with warm hearts.

I'm one of the leaders of the Triangle Space Society, a group dedicated to promoting space exploration in the North Carolina Triangle area.

I have an amateur radio license - KE4ROH - and make the occasional report of bad weather when I see hail or tornados, but otherwise I don't talk much. I originally thought I'd get into packet radio, and the Internet took off before I could get my first packet communication going.

You'll find some journal information from me at Slashdot.

Ancient News, from about 1997

I have a PC (120 MHz IBM 6x86 P150+, 64M RAM, 2.5G HD, Matrox Millennium graphics card, SB32 sound card), an Amiga 3000T, and most of a B.S. degree in computer science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. I'm involved in UAH Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (in fact, I did the web pages there). I do a bunch of other stuff - assistant scoutmaster for Troop 82 in Huntsville, Alabama (where I live) - I got Eagle Scout in that troop in '91.

I'm also an amateur radio operator (KE4ROH), and if you find me on the air, it's likely bad weather outside, and I'm on 2m. I usually only use 2m anyway, so no DX for me... (Something to do with that technician license for starters...)

You might meet me at ballroom dance Tuesday nights at Skate Odyssey (7:30-10:15) or at other local ballroom dance functions -- and I'll be delighted to show you some steps!

Jim Scarborough
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