Jim's Friends

Lee Scarborough
My musical cousin.
Doug Childs
It's been a long time coming to this page, but Doug most certainly deserves to be here. He's been a great friend for as long as I've known him, and he's good company. Also, be sure to check out his UAH Hockey site, it's totally awesome!
Jeffrey Scarborough
My brother. He doesn't have a home page, but he wanted a link so everyone could send him e-mail VIA my father's mailbox.
Chris Bond's page
An interesting character, used to be SEDS events person, neat kind of guy, lots of pictures on his web site
Nick's Homepage
A friend of mine from Scouting - I've known him since he was about 11 - doesn't seem to like Macs... Hmmm...
Chris Kemp's Home Page
Here's the page of the fellow who has to keep up with the Joneses, the Jackowskis, and the Gateses (Bill especially).
Geoffrey Geis's home page
Another friend of mine from Scouting - not that he cares for Scouting much. A very artistic character, most amusing and entertaining... and just the right amount of eccentricity.
Gary's Engineering Pad -Top Sheet
Now here's a real jewel of a character - he's quick on his feet, funny, and an all-around neat guy - besides, he could put together a "Video Toaster with toe cheese and navel lint" according to Matt Midboe. (He's good with electronics - and you can see some neat stuff at his page!)
Andy's Homepage!
Andy Bennett - I met this fellow through Scouts, too. He's a good guy - just don't get in an argument with him unless you want to be flattened! (He's an agreeable sort of guy, anyhow, so don't worry.)
Dave Hewitt
An interesting character who won't let you forget that he's from Colorado. He's in SEDS and full of interesting stories... just ask about football sometime (and the Burma Run)
Bill Carswell
A most fatherly figure for SEDS - neat guy, chief experimenter for several spacey projects.
The Chocolate Cow
need I say more?
Did I forget anyone? If so, just drop me a line and I'll add to the list! 
Jim Scarborough