Todo List

Global ClientData_t::sentUpdateTimes [32]
Reevaluate the need for this field.

Class GameOptions_t
Put this in a different file?

Class Layer_t
Add a clipping rectangle that affects only owning layer.

Global Player_t::lastUpdate
Change this to use message IDs so that local data will not be overwritten with newer server data from a resent message.

Global UpdateList_t::area [2]
Use this, or remove it.

Global UpdateList_t::rects [2]
Explain the overlapping rects situation better.

Global UpdateList_t::rects [2]
This may need companion data to indicate the rect is for an opaque item

Global Bool
Improve detection of when the ISO C boolean type can be used.

Global goalAreas
Determine if this is the best spot for this declaration.

Global spawnAreas
Determine if this is the best spot for this declaration.

Global OpenFile
Search more than one directory as documented above.

Make this 64ms plus round-trip latency.

Global DiscoverConnectServer
Add support for IPv6.

Global ClientSync
Set the address for IPv6 reception.

Global MoveShell
Add pong shell behavior.

Global RenderGame
Keep this here?

Global UpdatePlayers
Revamp this function to support more robust network update scheme (as per design), all gameplay functions, and sound.

Group NetGConf
Complete this doc!

Group NetGConf
Fix the above and below to match realtiy.

Global AddToConfigList
Limit the score to send just to the new client

Global ServiceGameConfig
Add in check to see if any clients have received data before continuing.

Global GameRun
Improve error handling for message transmission failure.

Global GameUninit
Remove other surfaces from text

Global MenuRootInit
Load any persistant game settings.

Global MenuRootUninit
Save any persistant game settings.

Global MessageNew
Set the initial resend time to twice the average two-way latency of network commincations as determined by the time sync operation with some constant minimum (32ms?).

Global Send
Update the flowchart. Messages are now constructed in a buffer just before sending them the first time rather than at the start of this function. The construction now happens in ConstructMessage(). Also added in functionality to call failure function on message when not acknowledged and to cancel message after a set number of retries. Implemented the functionality for the MsgDescr::noResend flag. Added message approvals to client-side sending.

Global NetCliToSrv
Add IPv6 support.

Decide if this many types are needed; maybe consolidate a few.

Global AppendPlayerData
Use a special acknowledge handler for player messages.

Global RemovePlayer

Global RenderClearStates
Implement this function.

Group StateSplash
Change the name to Title screen state.

Global StartServerTimeSync
Fix this to better support IPv6.

Page Networking Design
Revisit how the blocking I/O thread and time sync relate.

Page Networking Design
Maybe put this section in the network module documentation.

Page Networking Design
What does the next paragraph mean?

Page Networking Design
Update the above section to match how the code works.

Page Game Play Design
This section and the following ones do not describe game play so they need to be relocated somewhere more appropriate.

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