Build Enviornment

Build Systems

The build system I'm using is SCons because it does a fine job of discovering dependencies on its own and it has decent multi-platform support. Other commonly used options tend to be overly complex and more closely tied to a platform. The SConstruct file that controls the build is my first attempt at using Python, so it's a bit messy. There are a few build options exposed through SCons; to list them, run:
scons -h

Also included is a makefile. It gets compiler flags from makedefs and is intended for use with gcc. I don't keep the makefile up to date, but I have included a bash script I wrote some time ago that does it for me. It requires gcc.

./genmake > makefile

There is also a project file for MS Visual Studio 2003. It also is not kept up to date, but it should be a matter of adding newer source files to the project. SCons also outputs project and solution files using a different name.



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