This web page, maintained by Jeff Jackowski, the author of HPFSRem, is here to provide you with the latest information about HPFSRem. It is meant to be an addendum, not a replacement, of the documentation included with HPFSRem.

Please note that my email address has changed to and the documentation has not yet been changed to reflect this.

Description of HPFSRem

HPFSRem is a utility that allows removable disks formatted with HPFS (or other file systems that assumes fixed disks) to be removed without the system crash that would otherwise follow. HPFSRem does NOT format disks with HPFS, but I have included methods on how do this in the documentation.

HPFSRem is now FREE!

I have found that with my knowledge there is little more I can do to improve HPFSRem. Even if I did have a few more things I could add to it, I would be hard pressed to find the time. Plus, I have given up on the notion that I'll be able to make a little spending money off of the program (only had one registration).

So, in hopes that it will be improved further to everyone's benifit, I am relasing the HPFSRem source code on the GNU Free Software License. I will be happy to try to maintain this web site to facilitate informing users of HPFSRem any new fatures that are added as a result.

In addition, the web site now has two other sets of software for HPFS removability available for download (one has been here for a while). Both packages are free and don't come with source code. When compared with these two options, I think both users and programmers will appriciate HPFSRem's unique approach that does not require device drivers.

IBM's HPFS removability drivers

Many people have gotten IBM's HPFS removability drivers to work, but I haven't. If you can't, just use HPFSRem. Also, IBM's package includes a new IBM1S506.ADD file that reportedly improves performance on some computers. Its a "bus master beta" and runs fine on my system. You might want to try it even if you don't need HPFS removability.

Trouble with Warp v4?

If you've upgraded to OS/2 Warp v4 from an older version of OS/2, and your removable drive isn't removable anymore, than you may need to reinstall the drivers for your removable drive.

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