If you are having trouble, first make sure you have v1.1 of HPFSRem. The version number will be displayed every time the program is run. The newer version fixes most problems that occured with version 1. Also, be sure to send the output of "hpfsrem d s" to me and any error codes when reporting problems.

On several drives, HPFSRem v1 will report an error when trying to insert and/or remove a disk. So long as the only error occurs while trying to insert a disk, there should be no problem (telling HPFSRem to insert is usually unessasary). Otherwise, attempting to use the disk may cause a system crash. I'm working on this the best I can, but I need help from people with the afflicted drives. HPFSRem works fine on my system, so I can't figure out what's wrong without a little help.

HPFSRem v1.1 seems to fix these problems. If it doesn't, please email me.