“Ground Floor, Perfumery…”

AYBS?'s unique theme song, which featured a lift girl (voice of Stephanie Gathercole, Mr. Rumbold's first secretary) announcing each floor over a "cash-register" rhythm track à la Pink Floyd's "Money", was written by series co-creator David Croft, who was trying to eliminate the need for expensive union musicians when deciding on a signature tune. The sparse musical accompaniment was arranged by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

Ground floor perfumery,
stationery and leather goods,
wigs and haberdashery
kitchenware and food...going up

First floor telephones,
gents ready-made suits,
shirts, socks, ties, hats,
underwear and shoes...going up

Second floor carpets,
travel goods and bedding,
material, soft furnishings,
restaurant and teas. Going down!

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©2001 Emily Jackson