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Hello! I'm Miss Jackson, formerly of the Gramophone Department at Grace Brothers. Welcome to the Are You Being Served? Virtual Video Vault! The VVV is devoted to various video-related tidbits regarding this classic British sitcom.

What's in the Vault? All about Are You Being Served?, of course!--episode reviews, a guide to some of the German words used in the "German Week" episode, information on some identification "slates" accidentally broadcast at the beginning of some episodes, and more!

Click here to email me your virtual feedback about the Vault. Check back often, as the Vault is under constant construction.

Are You Being Served? Video Guide: Your handy guide to which episodes are and aren't on home video.

"Celebrating Mollie Sugden": Video captures from the new PBS pledge drive special!

"Take a Letter, Mr. Jones": The 1981 sitcom starring John Inman is now represented here at the Vault, including a video capture of the show's opening and an MP3 of the theme song.

Wendy Richard Sings! (almost): In 1962, fifteen-year-old Wendy Richard made her show-business début providing "caustic comment" on Mike Sarne's British hit "Come Outside" [MP3, 1.4 MB]. Unfortunately, Ms. Richard only received a flat fee of £15 for her performance.

John Inman Sings! (almost): In 1975, DTM Records issued a 45 of John Inman performing the AYBS?-inspired ditty "Are You Being Served, Sir?" [MP3, 1.2 MB]. The single, backed by "The Teddy Bears' Picnic", peaked at number 39 on the British charts.

Our Vital Statistics page features perfectly useless information about Mrs. Slocombe's hair colors and the number of customers served at Grace Brothers.

Download our handy Episode List and print it out for a quick reference: PDF.

New! Our Characters page features profiles and video captures of Grace Brothers' most memorable sales staff.

Episode Reviews for the pilot and all ten series are now available for your perusal! Use the easy-to-navigate Episode Reviews List to quickly find my "caustic comments" about your favorite episode, or browse the reviews section from the beginning.

Now Playing: About a year ago, I compiled a list of U.S. TV stations airing AYBS? and AYBS?A!, along with air times, for the Unofficial Are You Being Served? Fan Club newsletter. The information is undoubtedly no longer 100% correct, but here is my original list in plain text format. Corrections and additions are most welcome, of course.

For Macintosh Users Only: Tired of those boring grey floppy disk icons? Now you can enliven your desktop with this Virtual Video Vault exclusive: the new Custom AYBS? Floppy Icon in a Slocombian shade of purple with a small Grace Brothers logo. (141k BinHexed self-extracting archive or 108k MacBinary-encoded self-extracting archive. StuffIt Expander should be able to decode and decompress the file. If you are using an old version of StuffIt, you may have to double-click the AYBS? Floppy Icon.sea file on your desktop or in your default downloads folder to begin the decompression process.)

More AYBS? Mac Goodies: The AYBS? System Sounds package contains three System 7 Sound files for startup, shutdown, and (Eudora only) new mail notification:

We also now have a set of 4 AYBS? Custom Folders in executive grey (plus "OS X Aqua") for the discerning "senior person" in the following formats:

You Asked for It: By popular demand we now have contact addresses for your favorite AYBS? actors.

From Ladies' Wear to Miss Jackson: Wendy Richard (Miss Brahms) was kind enough to send me an autographed picture recently, and Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe) sent me a lovely note while on holiday on the Isle of Man. Click to see them for yourself!

AYBS? on the Beeb: See the BBC1 logos used from the AYBS? era, plus TV listings from 1973. (Also see the new APT Britcom Idents page for some interesting AYBS?-related "station identification" screens from Alabama Public Television.)

Color pictures from the pilot episode are now available! We now have a total of eight pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Click to hear the AYBS? theme! (.wav file) (Also read about the theme song, including the lyrics!)

For those who aren't afraid of large downloads, we now have the full-length version of the theme song in the following formats:

Click to download a clip of the animated opening credits from the 1985 series:

The German Week Glossary is finally fertig! Click for a complete guide to the German words used in the "German Week" episode and some additional words and phrases that might have come in handy if Grace Brothers had ever tried this disastrous sales gimmick again!

Sample some of the outstanding links we here in the Gramophone Department have chosen as our favorites!

Grace and Favour Title Screen! As you probably know, the AYBS? spinoff Are You Being Served? Again! was known as Grace and Favour in the UK. We here at the Virtual Video Vault are pleased to bring you the rarely-seen (in the US, at least) title screen of this popular series! (And listen to the theme song as you view the picture.)

What is a slate? Well, what are you waiting for? Click to find out!

Have you ever wondered what Are You Being Served? and the Beatles have in common (other than being products of Great Britain)? Even if you haven't been losing sleep over the answer to this question, there are a few intriguing connections between the two; you can find out all about them on the AYBS?-Beatles connection page (with new pictures of Wendy Richard)!

"If it seem slow, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay."

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