(Last update: Sept. 14, 2019)

 I have encountered lots of scams that have gone through our ranks over the last few decades, damaging greatly the people on our side. Because this has been and still is a very serious problem, I wish to note some of these scams here so that others may learn what has happened and protect themselves. The specific parties and programs are discussed below.  Clearly, a number of these scammers suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect, which is "a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is."

Ken Hunter: Back in the late '90s, Ken Hunter appeared on the scene selling a tax program that was nothing but a method for him to defraud the innocents who fell for his scam. Eventually, he was indicted for mail fraud and for a while faked his own death to avoid arrest.

Richard and Bridget Jones: A client drug me to a meeting with Bridget where she presented her program. For several thousand dollars, you could get on her list to receive millions from a rich Saudi who wanted to fund people wishing to restore America. She and her husband were later indicted and convicted of running a different scam.

Phil Marsh: In about 1991, Marsh created the Pilot Connection Society which sold a tax "exit" program for $1500.  That program consisted mostly of worthless arguments that not only got fellow promoters of his program in trouble, but it also did for him. 

Lorentz Opdahl, Bob Moussallem and alleged bribes: Moussallem, a guru, thought he had a crooked IRS agent who would take bribes to settle cases, and he went into the business of settling tax cases. My client, Opdahl, was deceived into this program that got him indicted. It took a trial and appeal to clean up this mess, and Opdahl lost at least 169,000 bux to Moussallem.

Al Carter and the "railroad bonds": Al Carter bought old, worthless railroad bonds from antique and junk shops, and then started promoting their sale because of their "immense value". 

Elton Silkman lost the farm: Farmer Elton sold his entire farming operation shortly before the IRS attempted to collect taxes allegedly assessed against him. More than a million in proceeds were deposited into trust accounts, which were then transferred to banks accounts in Europe, and then "lost." And Elton got indicted.

Roger Elvick: While in jail, Roger developed the "redemption process" that ultimately got lots of people in trouble.

David Wynn Miller: Miller, a "judge" just like fake judge Anna Von Reitz, invented a new, present tense "language", and then convinced the gullible to use such in court.  Nobody can understand his language.

Joe Flickinger: Joe scammed his clients to buy cars and toys for himself and his girlfriend, but then got scammed himself.

National Trust Services: Roy Fritts and Rick Prescott operated this company that provided trust services. However, both were common scammers, as explained here and here.

John Wayne Zidar: A Ponzi scheme operator made populist appeals to his investors, lost millions and got indicted, convicted and sentenced.  

Leroy Schwietzer: A Montana Freeman, who claimed to be other than crazy.

Jeffrey Thayer and Corporations Sole: In the late '90s and early part of this century, there were many corporation sole promoters, all of whom got their ideas from Thayer, who pretended to be other than a crook.

Shawn Rice: Rice was a prominent "guru" promoting and selling lots of popular ideas, until he got into trouble.

FreedomClubUSA:  Tom Lawler developed a solution to everybody's financial problem. Join his "club," file admiralty claims against your creditors, and you will get his "administrative remedy." Your claims will be paid by NESARA and you will be very rich. Of course, the dreams of FreedomClubUSA members never materialized in this typical guru scam.

Dr. Sam Kennedy: Dr. Glenn Unger pretended his name was Dr. Sam Kennedy, and he promoted filing 1099-OID tax returns as taught by Winston Shrout. Unger, Shrout and many others duped into this crackpot idea got into deep trouble.

Old Quest Foundation: John Kirk conducted seminars in Seattle about filing 1099-OID tax returns and two of his attendees became very enthused and got into the guru seminar business, with disastrous results.

Fred and Nina Gutierrez: Even Fred's brother concluded they were operating a scam and set up a website to expose them.

Fake Judge Anna: This woman appeared on the scene several years ago, pretending to be a judge who could issue orders to anybody and everybody.  Some of her arguments published on various places on the Net are analyzed here. She simply invents historical facts and legal arguments.

Austin Gary Cooper: Cooper operated Take Back America selling typical guru arguments. He has recently been convicted for filing fake liens and sentenced to serve 25 years

One People's Public Trust: A few years ago, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf created this "trust" that then filed "UCC liens" against perhaps all governments in the world, and many banks and large corporations. Allegedly, she thereafter foreclosed on the liens, consequently freeing the entire world. 

Tony Davis: This scammer ripped-off his victims through his "advance fee" loan broker business, for which he was convicted and spent 5 years in jail.  When he got out of jail, he went into a new business: scamming desperate victims wanting a legal argument to get out of jail.

Winston Shrout: Shrout was a devotee of Roger Elvick and started promoting the filing of 1099 OID tax returns. "Dr. Sam Kennedy" (Dr. Glen Unger) thought this was a great idea and convinced hundreds of people to follow Shrout's program. Shrout was indicted, convicted at trial and sentenced to 10 years.

See Tim Turner, President of TRAP. 

"Snoop 4 Truth" has investigated and written about other scammers here: Carl Miller, Rod Class, Deborah Tavares, and Eddie Craig.

A good webpage devoted to scams is Internet Scambusters.