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Dr. Demento!!!! Let the good Doc prescribe some Lunacy.
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The Barsoomian Blade, the oldest tabloid newspaper on Mars
Bill and Sue-On Hillman's Pages: SSSSSOOOOOOO Much good info here you won't want to leave.
Edgar Rice Burroughs Motes & Quotes
Edgar Rice Burroughs Chrono-Log Bios & Bibs
Edgar Rice Burroughs ERB-World Portals
ERBzine Weekly On-Line Fanzine
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Disney's Tarzan site:
Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship Listserver Homepage: Information on the discussion group, some really nice graphics and the place to watch for information on the ERBCOF convention in 2000
Tangors sites:
A Barsoom Glossary - Extensive Reference site dedicated to Barsoom (Mars) and Caspak (The Land That Time Forgot), Fan Fiction, Images, and Poetry.
ERBList- Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserver info. Also Tangor's links to thousands of ERB sites on the net.
ERBMania! -The worlds of ERB on-line
ERB4Sale - folks with Edgar Rice Burroughs items for sale
Tangor's Beyond - Serious reference site with on-line ERB Bibliography, ERB Chronology, ERB First Paragraphs, ERB Book Reviews, ERB Pastiche Bibliography, and commentary from ERB scholars on the net.
Tarzan of the Internet
The Shadow Magazine in Review - Excellent descriptions and reviews of all Shadow magazines.