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AUGUST 20--Something has happened to Lum. He hasn't called me up on the party line all week. I'll bet it's that beastly money that's doing it. Why did he have to get all that for a silly formula?

AUGUST 25--So that's why Lum hasn't been to see me--he's going to run for President. Think of it, diary--Lum, President of the United States. My Lum. Oh! I'm so proud of him. I can hardly wait for the election. They're going to call it the Demopublican Party.

SEPTEMBER 3--Going with a candidate for President has its difficulties. I never get to see Lum any more. Sometimes I almost wish . . .

Mose Moots tries formula as hair tonic.

No I don't, though. If Lum can get to be President I'll be the last person to stand in his way.

SEPTEMBER 6--I might have known it. Lum has appointed Squire Skimp as his campaign manager. With everyone in Pine Ridge to choose from, Lum has to go and get Squire. Squire's first idea isn't so bad, though. He's going to organize a brass band to help get votes. They're going to call it the Pine Ridge Silver Cornet Band.

SEPTEMBER 14--Lum called up on the party line and I thought for a minute he was go­ing to come and see me. But he only wanted me to help the Ladies Aid sew up some uniforms for the band. I felt like refusing but what could I do? After all, I do want to see Lum President, so I've got to help him all I can.

SEPTEMBER 16--Things are going along nicely in the campaign and for once Squire is making himself quite useful. He called Ezra Buzzington on the phone over at Mount Idy and got him to agree to direct the band for nothing, just as a contribution to the campaign.

SEPTEMBER 21--Met Elizabeth Peabody today and she told me Abner and Squire are leaving tonight on a trip to get speaking dates for Lum all over the country. She was right proud about it, but I heard later that the only reason Abner went was because Lum got tired of hearing him practice on his cornet all day.

SEPTEMBER 28--Saw Lum's new auto train--the one he's going to use for making his campaign speech around the country. It's a beauty--but I wish Lum would stop blowing the whistle all over town; people are getting mad.

SEPTEMBER 30--Saw one of the new "Lum for President" buttons today and they're just the best looking things. Lum is going to send them out to everyone who organizes a club consisting of 20 members or more.

OCTOBER 5--So much has been happening lately that I've completely lost track. From all I hear, though, Squire has now elected himself publicity agent for Lum as well as campaign manager. At first he wanted to get Lum's name in the papers by having him judge a baby contest or flying the ocean like Lindbergh. Lum suggested that rescuing Abner from drowning would be a fine way to make himself a hero and so get lots of publicity. Abner didn't like that, of course, but Lum was quite firm until Squire reminded him that he couldn't swim. Then Squire had one of his fiendish ideas. He wants to have Lum shot out of a cannon, pretending that he's to go all the way to Mars. I won't stand for it. Squire's gone a bit too far this time.

OCTOBER 6--Sister Simpson called me up to say the cannon stunt is off because the can­non got wrecked. Lucky for Squire. I only hope he doesn't start something else instead.

OCTOBER 7--Expected Lum over to supper tonight. Wonder why he failed to show up--it isn't like Lum.

OCTOBER 8--I thought so--something is wrong. Lum and Abner went out hunting with their dog Blue on Tuesday and they haven't been seen since. If that Squire is up to his tricks again! (8 o'clock.) Blue has just come home--alone. Something terrible's happened.

OCTOBER 9--No news of Lum. Dick Huddleston organized a searching party and they combed every inch of the countryside without finding them. They've got to find Lum.

OCTOBER 10--Scarcely slept a wink all last night. Dreamed that Lum was trapped somewhere in a great cave with Abner's dog, Blue.

Torchlight Parade stirs Pine Ridge.

I called to him and Blue suddenly changed into Abner and then a curtain seemed to fall in front of them and I woke up. Oh, Lum, where are you?

Editor's Note: (Evalina didn't put no more writin' in her diary, so there ain't no more to print. But I reckon as how you all know the rest of the story--how me and Lum was caught in that old silver mine with a wildcat and how Blue brought all them searchers to us and how Dick and Cedric dug us out a heap sight the worse for wear, but still alive.)