In Closing . . .

May I remind you that nowhere will you find a finer, more downright delicious food-drink than Horlick's the Original. It's just the thing for every member of the family, not only in the winter, but all year 'round.

Horlick's is especially good for the children, both babies and older boys and girls. It contains the things they need to build up their strength, to make them husky and healthy.

Dad will like Horlick's, too--especially if he has to be careful about his food. You see, this famous food-drink provides good sustaining nourishment in its most readily digested form. Mother will find it of great help in a weight-control plan, when taken regularly in place of her regular lunch, while there is no finer food for the older folks and the convalescent. Serve Horlick's every day, both with meals and in between meals.

And now we bid you all "good-bye" and ''good health." Lum and Abner and Horlick's hope you have enjoyed this book and that you will be sure to follow their adventures over the air. In the meantime--serve Horlick's in your home every day of the week, without fail. You couldn't do your family or Lum and Abner a better turn.

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The Original Food-Drink