12th Month




31 Days

December is importance because hit is the last month in this year or any year, because of snow storms some places and also because of Christmas. December fokes air charitable fokes, and if they have their birthday on December 25 they can feel certain that most of the world will helpem celebrate hit.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 We LI Habeus Corpus restored--1865 You will start your Christmas shopping today--you hope.
2 Th SC Christmas sale in Pine Ridge--1937 A stranger will arrive to give you some troubles, but take things easy.
3 Fr SC More Christmas sale in Pine Ridge--1937 Fine day to buy gifts (See us--we got em--Jot Em Down Store--Ad).
4 Sa SA Alabama was given statehood--1819 Nice day to speckalate. You will get some good advice.
5 Su SA Abner got nose thawed--1936 You will have good luck on a trip starting today.
6 Mo SA Allies war council meets--1915 You will run into a mysterys today, and get a big surprise in your love match.
7 Tu CAP G. Wash. meets congress fer last time--1796 Keep away from extravagance and don't do any spekalating today.
8 We CAP G. Washington goes home to see Martha--1796 Some importance friend will meet up with hard luck
9 Th AQ Milton borned--1608 A lot of money in little batches is going to come.
10 Fr AQ U.S. and Spain make peace--1898 You are going to visit a lot of new places.
11 Sa AQ Big Charleston fire--1862 You are going to have a argyment today about a business mixup.
12 Su PI U.S. Wars on Austria--1917 You are do fer a change. We don't know whether socks or flannels.
13 Mo PI Bright and cold in Pine Ridge--1937 Nice day to stay to home and keep the fire going.
14 Tu AR George Washington died age 67--1799 A good letter from a long ways away will arriver fer you today.
15 We AR U.S. boys start coming back from war--1918 Some little childrens need your help today. Buy Christmas seals.
16 Th AR Boston folks made tea in harbor--1773 You will get in a squabble today with whoever hit is you love.
17 Fr AR Pine Ridge folks make tea in teapots--1937 Look out fer business dealing with a tall dark man with green whiskers.
18 Sa GE Only American born cows allowed in U.S.--1865 Today will be a fine day fer all kinds of business, especial Christmas shopping.
19 Su GE Caleb Weehunt busted anvil--1912 Some relatives will come to visit you soon.
20 Mo CAN Pieces of Caleb's anvil come down in Mt. Idy--1912 You will have a big puzzle today. Maybe hit's what to get who fer Christmas.
21 Tu CAN Shortest day in the year--any year You will attend a sociable tonight.
22 We LE Americans take Louisiana--1803 Some old friend will bring you good luck.
23 Th LE Pump froze up today--1936-1937 Stay out of trouble today and get that last minute shopping did.
24 Fr VI Day before Christmas--1937 A nice old gentlemans with white hair and red pants will pay you a visit.
25 Sa VI Christmas Day Noel, Noel, hits Xmas day, on Xmas we shud be, Kind friend, full up with happiness fer all humanitee.
26 Su VI Day after Christmas--1937 Watch out fer slipping on ice today.
27 Mo LI Christmas present exchange day--any year Good luck will arrive today, and you will meet a old friend.
28 Tu LI Woodrow Wilson borned--1856 You will meet somebody importance.
29 We SC Train wreck Ashtabula, O.--1876 A lot of good news is coming your way.
30 Th SC British burn up Buffalo--1813 Good day fer business. Not fer small.
31 Fr SC Redfield panic breaks loose--1910 You will celebrate a New Years birthday tonight.