6th Month



30 Days

June got itself named fer a old Roman family named Junius, which must of been quite some fokes to get a whole month named after em. Childers born in June have nice sunny temperments, in general they like to fish on their birthdays, and quite frequent they gro up to run businesses of their own.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Tu AQ U.S. took over Brownsville, Texas--1865 Look out fer a hull flock of little troubles today.
2 We AQ Donati's comet appeared--1858 You are apt to see a couple things you won't believe.
3 Th PI Mexican quake--1932 Fine day to take advice from older folks.
4 Fr PI Time out while we go fishing You are going to go fishing today.
5 Sa AR P.S.--they bit real good See what we had to say fer yesterday.
6 Su AR Warm and sunny day in Pine Ridge--1937 Not much of any importance will happen to you today--probably be resting up from fishing.
7 Mo AR England caught a earthquake--1931 Problems air coming, but be tolerant of em.
8 Tu AR Andy Jackson died--1845 Good day to stay out of argyments.
9 We GE Summer, we guess, is here Don't get into that new business. A worman is your friend.
10 Th GE We was right. It set in fer sure Marvellous good day fer getting things done.
11 Fr CAN Frost in low grounds about Boston--1852 This is apt to be a exciting day fer you.
12 Sa CAN Wat Tyler revolutes--1381 Put off any business deals, and spend your time fixing the roof. Looks like rain tomorrer.
13 Su CAN National restingup day--1937 Good news, a fine young friend and a trip somewheres are all in the picture today.
14 Mo LE Stars and Stripes adopted--1777 Fine day fer courting, or fer visiting the relates.
15 Tu LE Geo. Wash. made boss of army--1775 Not much good as a day, so don't expect to much from hit.
16 We VI Ireland made a free state--1922 If you been plannin to make a deal fer that lower forty, do hit now.
17 Th VI Bunker Hill battle fit--1775 Nice letter writing day, and fer totting up accounts.
18 Fr LI Battle of Waterloo fit--1815 Sell, but don't buy nothing.
19 Sa LI Nap and Wellington still fighting--1815 You got to use your own jedgment about how you spend yore time today.
20 Su LI Queen Victoria got on throne--1837 Keep out of argyments, and go after business today.
21 Mo SC Official start of summer--any year You will have a lot of little worries today.
22 Tu SC Illinois-Gulf waterway opened--1933 You are going to jine up with some other feller.
23 We SC Big flood at Garonne, France--1875 Friends are going to be even more friendly on a day like thisn.
24 Th SA Hoo-hum! this ort to be about June 24 Start that journey today.
25 Fr SA Indians skulped Gen. Custer--1876 If you didn't get started yesterday, don't start today.
26 Sa CAP Walter Raleigh visited Virginny--1607 Love affairs you get into today won't last.
27 Su CAP Indians give Sir W. his first smoke--1607 Popalarity is coming to you fer being nice to fokes today.
28 Mo AQ Walter sez "Hmmm! Purty good."--1607 You are going to make a quick trip.
29 Tu AQ Elizabeth Browning died--1861 Not much seems to be in sight fer today.
30 We AQ Tomorrow will be July 1--1937 Watch out fer a lady in pink.