Pine Ridge School House

HIT took Evalina Schultz to show fokes in our community that kind words some­times will cut a heap deeper than a hickory limb. Before she come to Pine Ridge from Belleville, most of the young fokes who was in school was used to gettin snatched up and haveing the daylights whaled out of em fer any kind of mistakes they made. But Evalina has showed all of us how you can teach a young feller more by reasoning with him than by whopping him.

And right here, as chairman of the school board, I, Lum Edwards, want to say that I don't appreciate some of the things that is being said behind my back about the way our school is kep up. I want to remind some of those fokes that when they first started at that same school they had to set on seats made out of rough pine boards and not them smooth maple slats the childrens use nowdays.

Why it useter be that a young feller had to slide in and out of his seat real easy for about the first three years before those pine slivers got wore off smooth.

And another thing, time was when the childrens had to hide under the desks during a rains storm to keep from getting drownded, and now they only have to dodge one or two holes near the back that aint fixed yet but will be soons we can get the money to do it with.

What's more, under my administration, we have put up two of them big slabs of slate fer the young fokes to write on, and we have also bought several boxes of chalk and a eraser so they can wipe the marks off after they put em on the board.

Any of you who think you got a kick coming about our school are invited to come out in the open, if you dare, and show me how hit could have been run or kep up better.


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