Pine Ridge Meeting House

THERE aint hardly anybody here in Pine Ridge that air real bad fokes and nobody that air too good to stand a little spiritual breshing up now and then. Somehow or other, the week wouldn't be brought to a fitting close if it weren't fer going to the meeting house on Sunday. Whether a feller enjoys the preaching or jest gets together with his own thoughts about right and wrong, our meeting house is the place to do it in.

After you been attending meetings awhile, the feller you get to know about best of all is Ezra Seestrunk, who tries to plow a straight furrow if anybody in Pine Ridge does. If the circuit rider is called to do outside preaching or the river is up, Ezra can fill the pullpit as good as the next one. Somehow, services wouldn't be a sucksess if Ezra didn't get up before they was over and give that come-handy prayer of hisn. He changes it up some from time to time, takes some out and puts some in, sorter like a woman making over an old dress.

But when he gets to his feet, and after he gets his throat cleared right good, a body can count on him making the same argyment about right living that he's made fer years.

Unlike some fokes, Ezra don't flinch none nor get up to go out and see about his team when time comes fer the collection to be took up, and when the preacher is calling down the wrath on the congregation Ezra takes hit right to heart and he don't squirm none or try to git behind a post.

Along with the men's choir. Ezra always lends his voice at services. To start off with, he's got voice enough fer two fellers and sings mostly by main strength without arry help from the organ. He can go right on through eight or nine verses without gettin a bit scarce of breath and make the dust fly coming in on the home stretch. But when the choir gets together on the singing you get real peaceful like and full of glory, and feel you aint got a single care in all the world.


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