5th Month



31 Days

May is the month when you can be pretty sure winter has wet, because of flowers and one thing or another like Maypoles er Mayflies. The furst one the childrens wind ribbons around and the other one you swat. Fokes with birthdays in May got new out-looks and don't stay licked very long.

Date Day Moon Signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Sa AQ May Day--1937 A old friend will stand by you, and from the looks of things you'll need him.
2 Su CAP Day fer catchig sprig codes Look out fer big promises. They don't mean much.
3 Mo CAP Columbus diskivered Jamaica--1495 Good news is coming to you in a letter.
4 Tu CAP Lincoln buried--1865 Somebody will let you in on a secret (Probably Sister Simpson).
5 We AQ Napolean died at St. Helena--1821 Good business seems to be in sight today.
6 Th AQ Crazy Horse Indians surrendered--1877 Watch out fer your scalp. A red colored feller is out after hit.
7 Fr PI Lusitania sunk--1915 Fine day fer making donations (We give special discounts fer bills paid now--Jot 'em Down).
8 Sa PI Mt. Peelee blew up--1902 Look out you don't write in no diaries today.
9 Su AR Cuba said to Germany, let's fit--1917 Today something will tickle your funnybone.
10 Mo AR Philadelphia Centennial--1876 You got a big adventure coming.
11 Tu AR Indians attack Plymouth--1676 Fine business day. Don't hesitate to buy (See Dick Huddleston fer postage stamps and groceries).
12 We AR DeSoto sailed for Florida--1539 Don't pay no attention to gossips today. Nor any other day, fer that matter.
13 Th GE Vaccination first used--1796 Nice day fer doing charity, and helping out the church.
14 Fr GE Frost in low grounds near Boston--1860 Look out fer a big fire, er maybe a rain storm.
15 Sa SC Frost on high ground near Pine Ridge--1937 You will make a couple of sociable visits today.
16 Su SC Mrs. Hemans, poetess, died--1830 We don't know if it's the same news, but it'll come today, and it's good.
17 Mo LE French and Indians take Casco--1690 You air going to meet a blonde worman.
18 Tu LE Zack Taylor crossed Rio Grande--1846 Business sucksess seems to be in the wind today.
19 We LE Nathaniel Hawthorne died--1864 Look out fer dealins with strangers.
20 Th VI Amelia Earhart Putnam flew Atlantic--1932 Courtship and marriage will be happy if you start em today.
21 Fr VI Lum Ed'ards plans to fly Atlantic--1932 You are going to take a airplane ride.
22 Sa LI Victor Hugo died--1885 You will make a big business deal, probably fer a load of shoats.
23 Su LI Blockade took up--1865 A lot of little things that air good will happen to you today.
24 Mo LI Queen Victoria borned--1819 Seems like we air repeating, but there is another big business deal fer you today.
25 Tu SC First wedding in England after 3 p.m.--1934 Bad news will foller any speculations you make today.
26 We SC New York tramway stables burned--1887 Good day fer letter writing.
27 Th SA Chicago Century of Progress opened--1933 You air in fer a big sensation, we don't know what.
28 Fr SA Chicago Centennial midway gets all business--1933 This aint so good fer business, as days go.
29 Sa SA Wisconsin become a state--1848 Today will be foll of this and that.
30 Su CAP Decoration Day Fine day fer sociables and such.
31 Mo CAP Flood at Johnstown--1880 A good day, but apt to be wet.