4th Month



30 Days

We can't find any reason why fokes called this month what they did. Cording to what we've heard, the word April means "open," but what that's got to do with a month that's got Aprils fool and April rains in hit we don't know. Fokes born in April, we've noticed, are mild and gentle.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Th SC April Fools Day Beware of hats which hide bricks.
2 Fr SC Sore foot day--1937 This is a good find day fer any kind of a new business.
3 Sa SA Big rains, Pine Ridge--1937 Engineers and blacksmiths will prosper today.
4 Su SA U.S. Airship Akron lost--1933 Lookout fer getting into things. This is one day hadn't ort to be on the calender.
5 Mo CAP Leak discovered in Abner's roof--1937 This day aint so very good neither.
6 Tu CAP Peary diskivered N. Pole--1909 Hard to tell what to expect here. Kind of mixed pickles, like.
7 We AQ Yesterday--1917, U.S. and Germany fits Your finances are due fer a pickup (See Squire Skimp about investments. Ad).
8 Th AQ Ganges canal open--1854 You will get into a argyment today, and a old man will give you good advice.
9 Fr AQ Lee give up sword at Appomattox--1865 Nother good day fer invests. You will meet a old friend who has good news.
10 Sa PI Max accepts Mex throne--1864 Fine day fer reporters and newspapers men. You will meet your future wife.
11 Su PI St. Louis hotel fire--1877 Sad news and loss of importance letters will make today sour.
12 Mo AR Henry Clay borned--1777 Don't taken that trip you were planning, and look out fer a stranger.
13 Tu AR Big snow storm--1841 You will make a good firm friend today, and maybe attend a sociable.
14 We AR Spain become a Republic--1931 You are going to meet a big business man, but look out fer little things.
15 Th AR Abe Lincoln died--1865 A big problem is going to jump up and say boo at you.
16 Fr GE Senate sez Charlie Daws ok fer ambass.--1929 Bad day to be jellyous of fokes, and don't write that letter you planned to.
17 Sa GE Ben Franklin died--1790 Prosperous day for pretnear everybody.
18 Su SC San Francisco quaked in boots 1906 You will visit in a strange place.
19 Mo SC Minute Men fit at Lexington--1775 Successful day fer fellers that got good sense, but watch your money.
20 Tu LE Thunder and lightening--1937 You will likely fall in love today.
21 We LE Princess 'lizabeth borned--1926 You will make a new business hookup, and be happy fer hit.
22 Th VI Battle at Yprez, er Wipers, er EEps--1915 Watch out what you say to fokes today, and don't get into any reshes.
23 Fr VI Willie Shakspur died--1616 A old relative will get your nerves, if you got any nerves.
21 Sa VI Quakes in Mo and Kansas--1867 Today will be a good day at your home.
25 Su LI Oliver Cromwell borned--1599 You are going to go to another sociable--probable a pie supper.
26 Mo LI Allies land at Dardenelles--1915 Work is going to pile up on you today, but a old friend is handy.
27 Tu SC Longfellow borned--1887 A happy day, and you will probably get a good laff before tonight.
28 We SC Great fire at Oshkosh, Wis.,--1875 Don't go into any new business today. Hit won't do no good.
29 Th SC More fire at Oshkosh, b'gosh Company is coming.
30 Fr AQ Washington inaugurated--1789 Your business will be better, if you look after hit real smart.