Mose Moots' Barber Shop

IF it weren't fer our able feller citizen Mose Moots, prop. of Mose Moots' Pine Ridge Tonsorial emporium, life fer our menfolks wouldn't be half what it is. Mose, besides mak­ing us smell good and fixing us up fer all kinds of celebrates, knows everthing that goes on around these parts and also some things that don't go on, and he aint tetchy about telling a feller neither.

It were because of Mose that Luke Spears Lunch Room didn't get robbed that time. Mose figgered there was something wrong at Luke's place, so he called Luke's dog Spot into the barber shop and smeared Spot's face full of lather. Spot didn't like that none and tore out of there, shakin' his head and runnin. fer his place behind the cash till at the eating house. These fellers who were sure enough hold­ing up Luke saw Spot tearing in through the door and figured he was a mad dog and got scared plumb out of what they was doing.

Mose has never hurt anybody real bad. When he goes to shaving your neck he kind of bends your head back to where your Adam's apple sticks out like a turkey's breast bone, and some of the feller's always try holding water in their mouths after a shave to see if their face leaks, but mostly that's only fooling. Mose never had a real sharp razor at anytime, and most general a shave feels like he was trying to beat off your whiskers with a wet rope.

There's one thing fer sure, whenever you got any politickin to do, or you're looking fer a feller you can't find no other place in Pine Ridge, you'll general find him down in front of Mose' shop. It comes pretty close to being our local men's club, and some of the fellers are getting real serious about forming a regular club and adopting that name a city drummer suggested fer them awhile back--the Pine Ridge Barberians. It's a certain shore thing there wouldn't be no shortage of members.

Sing a song of Horlick's
Delicious drink supreme
Made from wheat and bar­
ley malt,
And milk that's rich in
Its qualities help babies

The growing, building
stage--Prepares them for the long,
hard siege
when they shall come of

Then later Horlick's gives
them strength
To meet life's daily test--
Gives them energy and pep
To keep them at their

In later years when they
are old
And often tired and ill,
Horlick's has a place in life
No other food can fill.

So sing a song of Horlick's
Delicious drink supreme
Made from wheat and bar­
ley malt

And milk that's rich in cream.