3rd Month



31 Days

March got its name from Mars, the feller who starts wars and not from the planit. Fokes born this month general have red headed dispositions, and they don't hesitate none when hit comes to starting a argyment. This month is also importance because of March hares and March winds.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Mo LI March hare day--1937 If you were going to buy a hat, today is a good day for it.
2 Tu LI R.B. Hayes elected Pres.--1877 You are going to meet a stranger at a party tonight.
3 We LI Japs grabbed Jehol--1933 Keep away from sourkrout today. On second thought, maybe you ort to eat some.
4 Th SC President's used to get in office today Business you get into today will last good for four years.
5 Fr SC Very cold day--1872 You will meet a worman with a frostbit nose today.
6 Sa SA Battle of Pea Ridge fit--1852 Today you ort to have a bowl of pea soup (Luke Spears Lunch Room--get hit there.)
7 Su SA Still fighting--same place Avoid argyments today, or they will last a long time.
8 Mo SA They run out of peas so battle ended You got a reward coming in a letter.
9 Tu CAP Monitor and Merrimac fit--1862 That same stranger you heard about in Janawary is still saying nice things.
10 We CAP British camp in Boston--1776 Don't start no back fence argyments.
11 Th AQ British bag Bagdad--1917 You are going to do business with a dark feller who wears baggy pants.
12 Fr AQ British left holding the Bagdad--1917 Don't plan no trips fer today. Put 'em off till tomorrow.
13 Sa PI First locomotive acrost Alleghanies--1854 Like we told you, today is a fine day to start off fer someplace.
14 Su PI Torrible Tennessee tornado--1933 Keep out of drafts and don't get too far away from a stove today.
15 Mo AR Andy Jackson borned--1767 You will get to high places if you start out working fer 'em today.
16 Tu AR Egypt became a kingdom--1922 Good day to make up with your enemies if you got some.
17 We AR St. Patrick's Day--1937--1921 too. Wear a green ribbon if you want to stay out of trouble today.
18 Th AR First telephone between London and Paris--1891 You are going to have a long talk with a feller from someplace else.
19 Fr GE Yale opened--1701 Marry the shorter of the two.
20 Sa GE Marshall Foch died--1929 Watch out for authomobile accidents today.
21 Su GE Spring was supposed to start yestidy A young lady with long robes will come to stay with you.
22 Mo CAN Emporer Willie I borned--1797 You are going to get a letter with a surprise.
23 Tu CAN High and gusty winds--1937 Some feller you will meet today has a importance message fer you.
24 We LE Higher and gustier winds--1937 Look out fer a big blow out today.
25 Th LE First day of year, old style You will marry young and have six children.
26 Fr VI Beethoven died--1827 Keep a kettle biling on the stove. Company is coming.
27 Sa VI France, Russia and England fit--1854 You are going to start off on a long journey--or maybe a short one.
28 Su VI Planet Pallae diskivered-- You will see a surprising thing through a telescope day after tomorrow.
29 Mo LI Swedenborg died--1772 Fine day to stay at home.
30 Tu LI Worcester dam bust--1876 Look out fer water in the basement.
31 We SC Eiffel Tower opened--1889 You will hear a tall story.